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Precision Inspection Video

Our Video, “Fool Proof Home Maintenance” is offered free with each home inspection. Home owners will benefit from going beyond the home inspection by maintaining the value of their home (front cover and back cover shown below).

home inspection video front coverhome inspection video back cover

As a licensed inspector since 1983, Bob Peterson inspected thousands of homes. If you’re like most folks, you probably do very little in the way of preventative home maintenance. You just don’t know WHAT TO DO! Many wait ’til something BREAKS & then “Call in the professionals!”

This costs money while you live in the home (high bills) and costs MORE when you sell (only homes in top condition get top dollar!).

This easy-to-follow video tells you what to do, when to do it, and how. Just as important, it tells you what NOT to do! This video is NOT for the pros, but for you, the average homeowner who wants to preserve the value of your biggest investment. Subjects covered include: water heaters, A/C & heating, roofs, radon, termites, septic systems, aluminum wiring, lead paint, carbon monoxide, energy savings, and more!

This is the FIRST VIDEO that gets you started on a simple and complete program of regular maintenance for your home. If you get into trouble, call me at the number given at the end of the tape! Any ONE of these tips can save you money and make your home a safer, more comfortable place to live. I guarantee it!


We also include a copy of InterNACHI’s home maintenance book with the delivery of their inspection reports. This book explains how the home works, how to keep it maintained, and how to save energy.

NACHI's home maintenance book
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