If you want to know ALL about these hazards, please visit the website of the U.S Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Carbon Monoxide

  • Install a CO detector

Electric Safety

  • Install GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlets wherever there can be water: baths, kitchen, garage, exterior, swimming pool, spa.


  • FENCE IT IN with a SELF-LATCHING gate.
  • Ground all electrical equipment and lights.

Stair and Balcony Guard Rails

  • Make certain space between rails is 4 in. or less so toddlers can’t fall through.


  • Install smoke detectors—at least one on each floor. Use the electric type as opposed to battery powered.


  • Test your water at least once a year. Your local department of health can help you with this.

Clothes Dryers

  • Use only a METAL dryer duct. Vinyl ducts can catch fire. Keep the duct clean.

Aluminum Wiring

  • Replace outlets and switches with co/alr rated devices and have ceiling fixtures checked for the appropriate wire nuts.

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